I am a designer. I make logos, magazines, promotional materials and that sort of thing. I love to do branding and usability. I also develop great, functional websites, including the one you're currently reading.

Embersonic is my freelance web design studio, and we are always welcoming new clients.

I can probably help you with your next project. Take a look through my recent design work, then send me an email.

I am a photographer. I take pictures of rust, squiggles, cars, mountains, and people. I publish my own photos on Flickr so that everyone is free to enjoy them.

I also have a passion for the history of photography and have amassed a modest yet respectable camera collection.

I have a social life. Okay, I'll admit it's mostly digital - I spend a lot of my time online. I can be found, followed and friended on the regular channels:

If you'd like to learn more about me,
just say hello.

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